Wednesday, August 10, 2011


    I read a short internet writing thingy that Sunny Frazier wrote on a website about mystery stuff. Anyhoo, she was writing about words and it got me thinking about words.


   People feel trapped by words, they feel the need to use real words and look things up in the dictionary. Dictionaries are good, although spell check can usually do the job, but don't treat a dictionary like a word bible. I have to teach my ESL students that sometimes the dictionary is wrong. Eyes just bugged out. How dare you suggest a dictionary is wrong, its the people who are using the words wrong! I think Willy Wonka said it best, "We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dreams." Never let a book control you, you breath air and walk around, it gathers dust and sits on a shelf. What is a sword compared to the hand that wields it?

On the other hand, having a big vocabulary really helps you to look smarter than other people. I threw a few big words around my office and now I got them thinking I'm some kind of Einstein. It doesn't matter that I stare stupidly at half the questions they ask, I used the word 'perspicacity' correctly so damn I must be smart.

 One of my favorite words is nebelwerfer, it means fog thrower in German. Chicken fat is a great pair of words. I taught my friend's kid (who has downs syndrome) these words and he now gleefully says them whenever I visit. He's having fun, I'm having fun, screw you mother nature.

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