Friday, November 25, 2011

Upstairs lovers.

Living in an apartment is an adventure. Everyday a loud scream fight, every night erotic spanking sex, yes I have it all. Of course, the screaming fight is down the street and the spanking sex is upstairs and involves a couple of overly large individuals I see every day.  Waking up a 1:00am to SLAP, "Oh Yeah!" SLAP SLAP "Baby do it!"
 is something no person should have to endure, unless you wake up from a drug induced haze fully involved in the activity.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Breaking News!

So Sasha Grey, seen here with one eyebrow raised, has stirred up a terrible controversy. The former porn actress read a book to some elementary school kids and the world moved one step closer to Armageddon. You see, if you enter the wrong profession, you are never again allowed to do anything other than that profession or grovelling for forgiveness. There was obviously a real danger that she would suddenly begin to straddle the nearest male and grind him. I can understand the worry of parents, now that sex ed has begun to show pornos to children as young as four, those kids might have been big fans and bothered her with requests for autographs and signed posters.
 Seriously, she wants to encourage children to read. A woman who was in a profession deemed inappropriate dared to think she could do something nice. This offends people who believe she should spend the rest of her life scrabbling down darkened alleyways and shouting unclean.
 The kids have no idea she was a porn actress. There is no way in hell her reading a book to them would in anyway harm them. If one believes she was once engaged in a sick profession, shouldn't one encourage her to do things like this, to turn over a new leaf?
 Personally, I could give a damn if she was a porn actress. Porn has existed pretty much as long as we have and it ain't going anywhere. Worrying about it, walking around uptight because it happens somewhere is a waste of time. Porn is like anything else, if it dominates your life and controls you, then it is a problem. If it doesn't, then it ain't nothing to worry about.

Friday, November 11, 2011

There was a time

Why is it that the sight of a beautiful woman now depresses me? Men are supposed to feel lust, excitement. I feel nothing, depression, sometimes annoyance. Its quite interesting. I do not dislike women and bear them no ill will, they simply feel me with despair and I know I will have another terrible sleepless night.

Wow, pathetic. My weakness often turns my stomach. As River once said, "Make me a stone."


A friend of mine tried to post a comment and was not allowed to, I have checked my settings and there is nothing about blocking people. I am not sure why this is happening. I am sure that is why I have 0 comments. Thousands of people have desperately tried to comment, only to be denied by some nefarious government blocking thingy.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Those who do not remember. . .

I often think about that saying, "Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it."
 It's a bullshit saying.
Because things, actions, events, are always repeated. It doesn't matter if we remember the past, people do the same damn things anyway. You can have a remember cakewalk party all you want and in the end people will repeat the same stupid mistakes.
 We are in a never ending cycle and always will be. I just cringe whenever someone says that phrase as if it is wisdom to be imparted because they are completely wasting their time.


Generally, I'm an affable person and yet I find myself truly beginning to loathe a segment of our society. The common American Hipster is a particularly repugnant human. It seems odd that I would choose this group but there is simply something about them that brings the bile up.
 After a lot of pondering I would have to say if is the incredibly phony nature. In trying so desperately hard to not be phony, they become part of an entire group of phonies. Lets put it this way, if your social group has a particular style of clothing, then you cannot be 'unique' or 'different' by being a part of it. Only those people who are not part of a group, who have no style can truly be described as unique.
 And the faux cynicism, as a true born cynic, their fake attempts turn my stomach.
 Now, I ain't worried about them destoying society or something, every generation has its loswers that other segments panic about. Hipster to shall pass and they will be replaced with some other idiotic social group that is so serious and convinced they will change everything.
 Nothing changes. One of the absolute truths of human history is that nothing is new, its all been done before. Tech may change, cities may come and go, flags may rise and fall, but in the end people do the same damn things again and again.

Not Being Real

I used to joke in high school and college that I was a ghost. But I've always had this feeling that I was not quite real, like floating through life and watching it but never actually considering myself part of it. It has led to all sorts of weird ways of living. I don't buy the food I like sometimes, because to do so means being a real person. The very thought of beginning a retirement or investing seems as likely as visiting Saturn, I am just not real and that is something real people do.