Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music & Writing

    I was thinking about this the other day while walking home from Kaiserpermanente, when I write I need background noise. Some people like silence, some people a busy coffee house (those people are simply there because they want other people to see what serious writers they are) I like meaningless droning in the background. I also like good music, it puts a person in all sorts of moods. I am sure many people have written about this and we all have our opinions and favorite writing tunes.
    I like dark music, came of music age in the Grunge era of the 90's and so enjoy that. My musical tastes are actually quite eclectic. No rap, R&B or country western though, they give me the willies. As I write this I am listening to five women talking about sexual satisfaction and a new miracle drug called Zestra (the result of years of clinical trials!) They have used the word 'percolating' a lot. What is it about coffee and sex that gets women to make commercials?

    Anyway, When I listen to music and write it makes the words flow, distracts me from doubts. That doesn't mean I don't make errors, in fact my typing goes all to hell but the writing itself, the story, comes more easily. Any body else a music writer?

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