Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Link and Old Links

    Just added a link to my friend's website. I hope she does not freak, although I think she won't. She was a dental tech in the navy and I think it was her true calling. So be a deeentist. . .you have a talent for causing me pain! Little Shop of Horrors.

 The Chive: This is a sight for pure fun. DAR will take you on a walk of sublime madness, for the guys and saphos, the Chivettes are a treat, and I have yet to get a virus from it.

Instapundit: I was a little leery adding this link. Glenn Reynolds is one of the biggest bloggers period and I have loved visiting his site for many years. On the other hand, some bloggers try to use his site to increase numbers to theirs and I'm not sure how he feels about that. It is not my intent to use it this way. I just think its a really good site to find insightful commentary and great links. So, if you have never been there, visit it!

Cracked: Funny, not much more to say. Their brand of humor is just what I like. Smart and cutting. Sure, they are fairly biased toward the left, but as a righty I can handle people who disagree with me. Surprisingly, many of their articles combine humor and some interesting information. Well worth multiple visits.

Drudgereport: The only news site. Nuff said.

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