Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Art of Samson

    Other than smiting 10,000 with the jawbone of an ass, what is Samson known for? Well, what he should be known for is his larger than life art. Let me show you some of his better known works.

This, one of his earliest works entitled, "Unnng!" captures the inner turmoil that Samson felt on that fateful day he smote the Philistines in their own temple. If one looks closely at his use of line and curve on his man skirt, one can see the conflict that dominated his sexuality. Also, note the limpness of his hair, which in later works was always shown to be full and healthy. The two pillars, phallic symbols edified, are cracked and fall around him, showing his struggle and triumph over his own maleness.

This, a work from his middle period, clearly shows the burden he was forced to carry by the patriarchal society of the time. The leering task master who holds the rope, the wooden arm (Again the phallus appears in his work) to which he is chained. The women and men in the background who cringe away from his tormented nature. Truly, this is one of his finer pieces. Note, many people are unaware that he made the paints for his painting from the natural oils emitted from his hair. Also, note his short hair, this was during a time when he had cut his hair in protest of the use of animal skins for clothing.

And finally we see a late work, this one entitled, "Samantha Unchained!" After undergoing a sex change, Samantha began to feel a freedom he had never known. Once more he allowed his hair to grow long and flowing, also he changed the color to blond. Notice I refer to Samantha as a he. This is done to honor and respect his wishes, for although he had the change and considered himself a woman, he also considered in Id to have remained male. Samantha described himself as the world's first Idvestite.

Apart from his violent streak early in life, it can clearly be seen that Samson/Samantha was a conflicted soul who, oppessed by our intolerant world, was forced to hide his true nature and once that nature was revealed, forced to kill lions with his bare hands to relieve the stress.
Truly a sad and moving story of triumph, failure, crushing defeat and decadent absolutism.

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