Friday, October 14, 2011

Five and Dime

Well, awhile ago I wrote about a homeless man here in Honolulu that I was puzzled about. He lives in a nearby park, I walk by him twice a day as I go to and from work. He has a nice set up, chairs, coolers, large umbrellas for the rain, sits and read or makes notes, at least that has been the only things I have seen him do. I figured he was a retiree who didn't have enough for a home but had enough to live in the park comfortably. In Hawaii, its a pretty easy life.
Yeah, he's a drug dealer.
Watched a deal go down two days ago. He sold what I would guess is meth to a well dressed middle aged businessman. Got meth!? So of course I quickly dialed 911 and got the cops out there to get that homeless drug dealing menace off the streets. . .just kidding! I walked right on by.
 Prohibition is unconstitutional, ineffective, and just plain idiotic. Lets see, a woman can have an abortion, that's hunky dory. She can do so because it is her body! Its her right! But on the other hand, if I put a chemical that is immoral. . .WTF? into my body then I am a terrible criminal! I must be locked away!
Uh huh, it seems that it is my body and I can therefore do what I like with it. . .correct? Because if I cannot, then I am going to say the magic word. . .HYPOCRITE.
And I completely and utterly flat out hate hypocrites. I do not hate people, hell as stupid and narcissistic as Obama is, I do not in anyway hate the man. But hypocrites? I could quite happily put bullets into them for a hobby. Just my personal buggaboo.
As far as I am concerned, the homeless dealer can go right on dealing. If some dumb shit wants to poison himself, well its his body.
Smoke up Johnny.

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