Friday, October 28, 2011

OWS: Our Whiney Selves

So I can't get away from these OWS protestors on TV, every night another story and depending on the network they are either heroes fighting for truth, justice, and the American way or stinky Hippie's grand kids too stupid to be allowed outside of their homes.
 Well, after a few weeks I must say I lean very hard to the latter. Words pop into my mind as I watch and listen to their idiotic"I am the 99%." Arrogant, self-entitled, blind, weak, gullible, and finally hypocritical. Out of all of these, it is the last that brings the bile up the most. They and their defenders are so blatantly hypocritical.
They hate evil corporations and capitalism! And express this hatred while wearing Hipster un-designer clothes and tweeting their location on their new iPhone that somehow in their extreme poverty they are able to buy and pay for each month.
They excuse this by claiming they are using the tools of the oppressors against them and this is such an obvious lie that those who propagate it show themselves for the propagandists they are. They had these products long before they thought about traipsing out to a park to whine about the debt they incurred through their own actions. They play Angry Birds and download the latest app while waiting for their organic pasta and veggie salad just before they march out to scream and yell some more so the cameras will take a few pictures.
Its all such a heady adventure for them! They are really really making a difference! Soon the foundations of evil capitalism will crumble and their new better society that they have no real idea how to build will rise up out of the ashes! Justice and fairness for all! Because they, with their amazing ability, will succeed in doing what no human beings in the history of this world have done, create a fair and just society where all are truly equal and all have equal property and happiness!
 They let themselves be sold a bill of goods by universities who claimed that for a mere 50,000 in debt they could guarantee themselves a million dollars more income over their lifetime! I've seen the ads, of course I understood that the ads were horseshit. Sure, you can make that if you study something like Survey Engineering or Biochemistry and make yourself a valuable commodity for a market to use. On the other hand, getting your degree in English or History, or Women's Cultural Awareness is not going to do you a whole hell of a lot of good. But it is fulfilling and isn't personal happiness what life is all about? Isn't it?

 But dammit give us jobs, jobs we have no training to do! Its your job to train us, pay us and make sure we succeed because the university told us you would. I cringe everytime I hear an analogy of the government as parent, the government taking care of us. The very idea turns my stomach. How can anyone be so weak? How can they willing want to be a child to daddy government?

Their cries of poverty are lies.

This is poverty.

This is not.

I feel nothing for these brats and that is what they are. They didn't get what they wanted, there lives were not what they were promised and so they cry. Poverty to them is being unable to buy what they want when they want.
We dig our own holes and I have no pity for stupidity. I do not forgive my own stupidity. When I do something stupid I admit it to myself and others, its painful, its embarrassing, and its the right thing to do. These children sicken me. It somebody else's fault, never theirs. I can never and will never agree with or respect someone who behaves this way. I can give a golly goddamn how right they may be about anything. They are worthless humans themselves and so I have no use or time for them.
No one forced them to take student loans. They turned off their brains and spent four to six years getting a degree because somebody told them to. They spent money they did not have doing this and closed their eyes and went lalalalalalala at the thought of ever having to pay it back. They wouldn't have to, it would just go away and besides the paying for it is tomorrow and I am right now, not tomorrow.
I have a hell of a lot more respect for the 1% because they had the drive and guts to go out and take what they wanted. I could care less if they lied cheated and stole to get it, the point is they worked to get it. As dishonest as some of them might have been, they still earned it.
People point out the hypocrisy of the wealthy entertainers who hob nob with the protestors and they are right, it is hypocritical. But it isn't their hypocrisy that angers me the most, it is the lies that the OWS "poor" tell themselves to justify hob nobbing with these visiting stars.

"Oh, yeah they're rich, but they really care! And they really want to pay more! They do!!"
"Well, they can pay more, no one is stopping them. Are they?"
"I don't know, but I am sure they will next year, because they get it, they care and I got my picture with Little Wayne!" (or whoever the fuck it was who showed up in their Mercedes)
"If he cares, why doesn't he just pay for your student loan? Why go through the government?"
"Hey yeah. . ."

Little Wayne seen leaving quickly.

And damn it felt good to rant.

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