Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Never Again

So for awhile I have been desiring a new relationship, possibly getting married again, but never again. The more I have looked into it, the more I have realized just how lucky I was. My ex-wife could have destroyed me had she wanted to. She initiated the divorce, she cheated on me, it was her doing not mine. And yet, the full weight of the law would have been on her side and against me. I would have been seen as the guilty party and she completely justified in all her actions.
For a man to marry in this day and age is insanity. Our society has been turned into a parody of justice. This link leads to an excellent article which explains all of this.
The Misandry Bubble, by The Futurist: The Futurist is a blogger whom I just discovered and was much impressed with. I hope this link to their website is kosher.
How we got to this point has been a march of weak willed and guilty men who refused to make any effort to defend themselves and our society. Do I believe all women are the kind of feminist who so despise men? No. But that doesn't matter, women have been trained and convinced that they deserved it all, the security of marraige with the option to leave anytime they wish while destroying the man for no other reason then they are unhappy on a Tuesday.
That a judge would countenance the current system is proof that our justice system is corrupt beyond repair. Everyday of my life I feel less and less obligation to obey our laws and to pay those who enforce them any heed. They are black-hearted dogs who exist to justify their own egos with power they do not in any way deserve. The deference paid to members of our legal system sickens me.

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