Saturday, November 5, 2011


Generally, I'm an affable person and yet I find myself truly beginning to loathe a segment of our society. The common American Hipster is a particularly repugnant human. It seems odd that I would choose this group but there is simply something about them that brings the bile up.
 After a lot of pondering I would have to say if is the incredibly phony nature. In trying so desperately hard to not be phony, they become part of an entire group of phonies. Lets put it this way, if your social group has a particular style of clothing, then you cannot be 'unique' or 'different' by being a part of it. Only those people who are not part of a group, who have no style can truly be described as unique.
 And the faux cynicism, as a true born cynic, their fake attempts turn my stomach.
 Now, I ain't worried about them destoying society or something, every generation has its loswers that other segments panic about. Hipster to shall pass and they will be replaced with some other idiotic social group that is so serious and convinced they will change everything.
 Nothing changes. One of the absolute truths of human history is that nothing is new, its all been done before. Tech may change, cities may come and go, flags may rise and fall, but in the end people do the same damn things again and again.

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