Sunday, November 13, 2011

Breaking News!

So Sasha Grey, seen here with one eyebrow raised, has stirred up a terrible controversy. The former porn actress read a book to some elementary school kids and the world moved one step closer to Armageddon. You see, if you enter the wrong profession, you are never again allowed to do anything other than that profession or grovelling for forgiveness. There was obviously a real danger that she would suddenly begin to straddle the nearest male and grind him. I can understand the worry of parents, now that sex ed has begun to show pornos to children as young as four, those kids might have been big fans and bothered her with requests for autographs and signed posters.
 Seriously, she wants to encourage children to read. A woman who was in a profession deemed inappropriate dared to think she could do something nice. This offends people who believe she should spend the rest of her life scrabbling down darkened alleyways and shouting unclean.
 The kids have no idea she was a porn actress. There is no way in hell her reading a book to them would in anyway harm them. If one believes she was once engaged in a sick profession, shouldn't one encourage her to do things like this, to turn over a new leaf?
 Personally, I could give a damn if she was a porn actress. Porn has existed pretty much as long as we have and it ain't going anywhere. Worrying about it, walking around uptight because it happens somewhere is a waste of time. Porn is like anything else, if it dominates your life and controls you, then it is a problem. If it doesn't, then it ain't nothing to worry about.

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